Community Development

Helping to advance the communities we serve is a key aspect of our corporate culture, which has been passed on for over a century.

In keeping with this tradition, Great Plains Communications established the IMPACT Community Development Program in 2016. This program incentivizes local non-profit and community groups to develop a service project within their community. Upon completion of the project, the organization receives a grant from the company.
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About the IMPACT Program

Mission Statement: Empower people to make a positive IMPACT in their communities.
Vision Statement: IMPACT will become a recognized resource for rural Nebraskans to solve problems, serve needs, and further develop their communities.

The Impact Program logo is based on Newton's Cradle, named after Sir Isaac Newton. This device demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres. When a sphere on the end is lifted and released, it strikes the stationary spheres in the middle and transmits a force through them that pushes the last one upward. A single impact can have a lasting effect.

A Small Impact with a Lasting Effect

The IMPACT project focuses on one community per year. The program was developed by Great Plains Communications to encourage nonprofit organizations to undertake projects that have a positive community IMPACT. Participating local organizations possess direct knowledge of community needs and are in the best position to create a meaningful solution. “How can we help?” is the seed that can grow into an IMPACT Project. In 2016 the program focused on McCook, Nebraska, and the 2017 IMPACT community is Broken Bow, Nebraska.
To participate, an organization simply determines the project it feels will create the greatest IMPACT, develops a project plan and submits ideas through an IMPACT application. Upon approval by Great Plains Communications, the project will be assigned and receive an amount of eligible funding support. The organization then gets to work on the project, providing status updates and participating in IMPACT public relations.

With each project success, IMPACT provides an ongoing opportunity to increase engagement, create solutions, serve needs, and enhance the community.


“The commitment of Great Plains Communications to invest in the communities they serve is helping us remain competitive with other towns interested in staying ahead of the curve with community and business development. We say in McCook, ‘Change is not always Better, but Better is always Better.’ Great Plains Communications’ IMPACT Program helps us involve our young people in projects which solve nagging community issues. We are already recognized as ‘a great small town,’ and we’re proud of that fact, however, Great Plains Communications’ IMPACT Program gives us additional resources to stay competitive progressing towards the next level of success we envision for ourselves.”

- Kirk Dixon, Executive Director of McCook Economic Development Corporation