Paving the Way For Communications in Nebraska

Great Plains Communications is a company serving rural Nebraska, which began in 1910 in Creighton, Nebraska. Today, the company links 89 Nebraska communities to the rest of the world through the most advanced telecommunications services available, including state-of-the-art telephone, broadband Internet and cable television service. 

Great Plains Communications enjoys a rich history of innovation — from the early days of developing effective methods of burying telephone cable, to becoming the first company to install fiber-optic cable and digital switching in Nebraska. Great Plains Communications has invested more than $50 million in digital technologies — $27 million in the last six years alone. In 2006, Great Plains Communications acquired AllCom Global Services in St. Louis, Missouri, which designs, builds and maintains telecommunications installations for government contractors and other businesses. 

The communities served by Great Plains Communications range in size from 31 residents to 7,436. Great Plains Communications is the largest Nebraska-owned telecommunications provider, and employs more than 200 Nebraskans. Almost half of the company's employees live and work in the towns where they provide service.



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