Scholarships and Grants

Great Plains Communications believes in giving back to our communities. To serve that fundamental belief, we have developed a number of scholarship and grant programs. You are able to download all documents now as a Word file. Please save the Word document to your computer prior to filling it out.

Great Plains Communications ScholarshipPDF
Due Date: February 1

This scholarship is offered to applicants who are graduating seniors and a customer of Great Plains Communications.


FRS Scholarship Fund
Due Date: March 3

The Foundation for Rural Service is an affiliate of the National Telephone Cooperative Association (NTCA), an organization of independent telephone companies across the United States. Awards are granted to students sponsored by a National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) member company and, if chosen, are awarded $2,000 by FRS in addition to a $500 scholarship match by the sponsoring company. 

The FRS Scholarship application requires a signature of sponsorship from Great Plains Communications. In order to meet the scholarship deadline, please send the completed application packet one week prior to the application deadline to:

Great Plains Communications
Attn: Jacque Wilkins
P.O. Box 500
Blair, NE 68008

Great Plains Communications will forward application packets to FRS. Applicants should be graduating high school seniors with a C grade point average or above and have an interest in working in a rural community after graduation. See your school’s guidance counselor for FRS application material. Information is also available on the FRS website at

Great Plains Communications' Grant Program | Online
Due Date: March 1

Great Plains Communications offers the Great Plains Communications' Grant Program as part of our 'Commitment to the Schools' program. A total of $20,000 is awarded annually to schools in Great Plains Communications' telephone and cable television service areas. The maximum amount awarded to one school district is $5,000. The grants are awarded in the spring for use the following school year. The grant program is intended to encourage exceptional and unique ideas that improve the educational process. The program provides resources to add challenging new units or projects to the curriculum. 

Questions regarding the Great Plains Communications' Grant Program can be directed to Jacque Wilkins at 1.855.853.1483, Ext. 6524 or at