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Great Plains Communications provides fast, reliable, and scalable technology that allows businesses to maximize ROI and streamline processes. We act as a trusted partner to our customers, providing custom solutions designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

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The Network

The Great Plains Communications network is fully scalable and flexible to meet the growing needs of your business. It is supported by over 220 experienced, dedicated, and talented employees located throughout the state of Nebraska.

  • Over 9,500 miles - largest privately-owned network in Nebraska
  • Spanning the state of Nebraska (unique ability to bypass Omaha) with extensions to Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming
  • Secure fiber network
  • Unique routes to increase redundancy
  • 99% buried fiber, providing circuit security from weather and vandalism
  • Access to multiple Tier One Internet providers, regional, and national carriers
  • Access to 11 data centers/carrier hotels: 2-Denver/4-Omaha/1-Kansas City/1-Minneapolis/1-Sioux City/2-Chicago
  • Switched and dedicated Ethernet capability
  • National and global connectivity capabilityMEF CECP20 Email Logo.jpg
  • High-performing network complemented by high-performing people

Network Operations Center


Enterprise NOC5

We monitor our network around the clock at our Network Operations Center (NOC) located in the corporate headquarters building in Blair, Nebraska. Constant monitoring ensures reliability and rapid response to the needs of all network customers.


  • 24x7x365 network monitoring to ensure superior reliability and connectivity
  • Central point of contact for network maintenance and dispatch
  • Rapid response
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Whether your business needs a 10 Mbps or 100 Gbps connection, the Great Plains Communications fiber network offers scalable services capable of growing with your company and connecting multiple locations across the nation or the globe. Great Plains Communications proudly offers these Forward Thinking enterprise services:


  • Speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Scalable equipment
  • Standard and dedicated service options
  • Regional redundancy of ISP’s in Omaha, Minneapolis, and Denver
  • Burstable solutions

Managed Ethernet

Great Plains Communications managed Ethernet allows businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiencies by connecting multiple locations. As your business expands, your Ethernet service will grow with you, providing scalable services, secure data transport, and application continuity.

  • Connect multiple locations nationally or globally
  • Access to data centers/carrier hotels in Omaha, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Des Moines, and Chicago
  • Cost efficient
  • Network redundancy for greater reliability
  • High-speed, low latency transport

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What Enterprise Customers are Saying

“Partnering with Great Plains Communications allows Metropolitan Community College (MCC) to have potentially unlimited bandwidth between its eight locations and the Internet. This positions the College to lead in the digital age.”
- Mick Gahan, Chief Information Officer, Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NE
“As a result of Great Plains Communications’ dedicated Internet access, employees of Strategic Air & Space Museum are now able to work more efficiently and effectively.”
- Dr. Mike McGinnis, Executive Director, Strategic Air & Space Museum, Ashland, NE
“Do Space is one of the first community spaces in the country that offers a gigabit of bandwidth free to its members, and Great Plains Communications has played a key role in helping us to enable Omaha to lead the nation in innovation.”
- Rebecca Stavick, Executive Director, Do Space, Omaha, NE
“Great Plains Communications has been an important business partner as Butler Ag Equipment expands into Nebraska. They are reliable, responsible and fast moving.”
- Doug Sandstrom, Network Administrator, Butler Ag Equipment, Chadron, NE
“Today’s hotel guests travel with an average of 3.5 devices, so having high-speed Internet is super important to Horse Creek Inn. Great Plains Communications brings us fiber Internet, and our guests are thrilled with the speed.”
- Perry Strombeck, General Manager, Horse Creek Inn, McCook, NE
“First National Bank of Gordon’s slogan is ‘The old reliable – independent and strong.’ Based on their Internet and phone services, I’d say the same applies to Great Plains Communications.”
- Jay Voss, Vice President, First National Bank of Gordon, Gordon, NE
“Today's business and leisure travelers expect to be able to connect with work, social media and entertainment. Great Plains Communications provides our guest with the Internet quality and speed they expect.”
- Natalie Alred, Manager, Cobblestone Inn and Suites, McCook, NE
“We get 40 Mbps Internet speed, up and down, from Great Plains Communications. This service has been excellent, and it keeps up with the fast pace of our stations in Beatrice and Norfolk.”
- Michael Flood, Owner, Flood Communications, Beatrice, NE
“Our new Internet service from Great Plains Communications is 10 times faster than the satellite service we had before. Things go much more quickly now, which is great, since we do a lot of work online. For example, when you’re in the business of classic cars, you just can’t go to a local car parts store to get what you need. We have to search online and work with many different sellers, some in other countries, to find the rare parts required for our restoration,” explains Patak.  He adds, “When Great Plains Communications installed our 20 Mbps Internet service, the process went quickly and smoothly. I appreciate the fact that their technicians were courteous and professional. Since then, I haven’t had any reason to contact them because everything about our Internet service is working great. In my book, no news is good news!”
- Mike Patak, Mike's Classic Cars, Elkhorn, NE
“Since Scooter's Coffee switched to Great Plains Communications,the speed of our Internet has been amazing. It's always good to hear people comment on how much faster it is.”
- Zach Hettenbaugh, Director of IT, Scooter's Coffee, Omaha, NE