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You have several options in the ways you can contact us.  Call, fax or email us, or use our live chat feature to talk to one of our Internet technicians.  See the support section below that applies to your question or issue.

Great Plains Communications
1600 Great Plains Centre
P.O. Box 500
Blair, NE 68008
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Internet Support
Call Us        1.855.853.1483
Fax Us        402.426.6099
E-mail Us

Telephone and Cable Television Support
Call Us        1.855.853.1483
Fax Us        402.456.6550
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Buried Cable Support
Call Us      811

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Closed Captioning Technical Support
To report an immediate technical issue concerning closed captioning, please contact our Customer Response Center at 1.855.853.1483, email us at or send written complaints to:

LeaAnn Quist
Great Plains Communications Inc.
PO Box 500
Blair, Nebraska 68008
[F] 402.456.6540

If you have a question about a written complaint, you may contact Ms. Quist at 402.426.9511.