To our Valued Customers and Communities,

Great Plains Communications is paying close attention to how the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is affecting our customers and our community. We would like our clients to know we are here for you and will be flexible to support your needs. As more information continues to surface regarding the spread of the Coronavirus, we will continue to update our policies to meet the needs of our employees, our customers and our communities.

Our company has taken steps to ensure our network is maximized to handle increased capacity and that appropriate measures are being taken to keep employees and clients safe. We will continue to operate throughout this situation, monitoring our network around the clock to ensure our customers’ businesses, homes, schools and healthcare institutions stay connected.

In addition, we will continue to work with our customers to accommodate those experiencing a need for Internet access or increased bandwidth as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For those individuals that are not current customers, we will install new Internet services at no charge for 60 days. Speed upgrades will be offered to current customers at no charge for a 60-day time period when there is a need for more bandwidth to accomplish business tasks, allow people to work remotely and to enable distance learning capabilities over multiple devices. Finally, we will work with our customers to waive late fees and will not terminate service to any customer because they cannot pay their bills due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Great Plains Communications is determined to do whatever is necessary to be a resource and partner to our customers as we work together to get through this situation. To have Internet service connected or to upgrade your speed, please contact our Customer Response Center at 888.343.8014.


Speed and service availability may vary by location. This policy is subject to change based on ongoing changes to employee and customer safety guidelines and/or the availability of resources and equipment.

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