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eBill: Simplified Billing Solution

This service enables you to instantly view statements (past and present), and pay your bill online using your credit or debit card.

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Webmail: Your E-mail on the Go

Webmail provides you with easy access to e-mail anytime, anywhere.

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Customer Resources and Tools

Browse our library of helpful resources and tools, including video tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, and downloadable PDF instructions for your Great Plains Communications services.

Television Tools and Resources

Using Your Remote

Q: How do I program my remote using the three-digit code included with my new remote?
A: Getting your new remote to work with your cable box will be a snap after watching this tutorial.


Q: How do I program my remote if I don’t know the three digit code?
A: Don’t have the three digit code to program your remote? The Great Plains Communications’ “Auto Search Option” tutorial will walk you through the process.


Q: How do I use my remote with multiple devices?
A: Using your remote with multiple devices doesn’t have to be hard. The Great Plains Communications’ “Switching Devices on Your Remote” tutorial shows you how, with the push of a button, you can use one remote for many of your entertainment devices.


Q: Why is my remote not working like it normally does?
A: Sometimes the simplest solution is also the right one. If your remote is slow or unresponsive, the Great Plains Communications “Trouble Shooting” tutorial can help.


Using the Guide

Q: How do I find out what HD channels I have in my area?
A: It’s easy to find out what channels are available with the crystal-clear picture of High-Definition (HD). The Great Plains Communications “Searching for HD Channels” tutorial shows you how to find a full listing of HD channels in your area.


Q: How do I find a program using the guide?
A: Find the program you want to watch in seconds with the Great Plains Communications “Search for Programming” tutorial.


Q: How do I search for a program if I only know the show’s title?
A: Find out how to search for a program by the show’s title with the Great Plains Communications “Search for a Show by Title” tutorial.

Q: How do I record a program?
A: It’s easy with the Great Plains Communications “Recording a Program” tutorial.

Internet Tools and Resources

eMail Guardian

eMail Guardian protects your email from spam.

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Equipment (Modem) Drop-Off Locations


Phone Tools and Resources

Voicemail Instructions

Click below for instructions on setting up and maximizing voice mail features.

Please select your location for your voicemail access number.


Call Forwarding Instructions

Click below to learn about call forwarding and stay connected wherever you are.

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Great Plains Communications' Tutorial Series

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Conference Connect


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