How much speed do I need?

Rapidly advancing technology and an ever-growing number of devices in our homes has increased the need for greater Internet bandwidth. To determine the Internet speed that best aligns with the specific usage needs of you and your family, ask yourself these questions.

How many devices are running on my Internet connection?

Before you answer, think of this scenario like a highway. The more traffic that is on the road, the more congested and slow the experience becomes. Internet traffic works the same way. The average household contains 5.7 wireless devices including smart phones, tablets, Ipads, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and over the top streaming equipment. When multiple devices are running simultaneously, bandwidth is used up quickly, and a traffic jam can occur, resulting in buffering and lag. The more devices you are running, the more speed you will need.

How do you use the Internet?
If you are a user who confines Internet usage to checking email and Facebook running only a laptop, you will be satisfied with a lower speed (5 Mbps or less). However, if there are several Internet activities happening in your household simultaneously such as on-line gaming, movie streaming, and online test-taking, you will need a much higher speed (30-50 Mbps). As these scenarios demonstrate;the level of activity occurring in the household determines the speed needed for maximum Internet performance. The following are recommended speed guidelines based on different usage scenarios.

Internet Speed Recommendations

Less than 5 Mbps:

  • • Very few connected devices (1-2)
  • • Basic web surfing
  • • Email

5-10 Mbps

  • • Low number of connected devices (1-2)
  • • Web surfing
  • • Email
  • • Occasional streaming

15-30 Mbps

  • • Moderate number of connected devices (1-3)
  • • Basic web surfing
  • • Email
  • • Moderate HD streaming
  • • Moderate Online gaming
  • • Average sized downloads/uploads

50 Mbps

  • • Large number of connected devices (3 or more)
  • • Basic web surfing
  • • Email
  • • High level of streaming
  • • High level of online gaming traffic
  • • Large sized downloads/uploads

50x5 Power User  
The 50x5 Power User option provides not only a download speed capable of seamless streaming, but also an upload speed that creates a two-way communication to support a larger number of simultaneous users. So if your household uses multiple devices at once to play video games, video chat, upload, and email large files or stream programs like Netflix and Pandora, the 50x5 Power User option would be a good fit.